Parent Letter – June 1st 2020

June 1st, 2020|

Dear Parent/Guardian,

I hope this email finds you and your family well and continuing to cope with these most unusual of times.

In light of the Prime Ministers latest address at the weekend and with widespread media speculation that the first week of June will see the return of some groups to school, I felt it important to clarify the school’s position regarding when we will open to the wider community and not just for children of key workers.

At this moment in time the school’s position is the following:

• If schools are given the go ahead by the government to open on June 1st then Froebel will do so to all grade levels. We are a small school and the calibrated class sizes means we are able to accommodate the numbers and still fall well below the stipulated 15 pupils per class.
• The opening of school will be guided by the following principles:
▪ Protect the health and safety of students and staff
▪ Follow the guidelines set out by the Government
▪ Provide students with some familiarity of school routines for social/emotional/academic learning
▪ Provide clear expectations for teachers and students during this emergency learning environment

• The school will run to a new revised schedule (attached- click here) which will have each class halved in size, one group attending in the morning and one group in the afternoon. Subject teachers will be in school on a Thursday and Friday afternoon thereby allowing each group the opportunity to experience different subjects on a fortnightly basis.
• Understanding that whilst we are operating under unusual circumstances, if parents decide to send their child(ren) to school on June 1st then commitment to attendance thereafter is very much encouraged.
• Froebel’s summer term will end on Friday July 17th

• The current homework ends on May 22nd. Children who decide not to return to school during the first week back will receive their new work packs on Thursday 28th and Friday 29th May. The school will text parents the designated day and pick up times for each.
• The school will be closed to children during the Half Term break but open for parents to pick up work on the designated days.

In order to safeguard the community to the best of our ability and allow for the continuation of learning, I have detailed below clear expectations of both children and parents. I have also outlined other procedures we have in place to ensure transparency and to offer parents accurate information regarding the protocols and expectations in place.

Daily Protocols and Procedures:

• Each year group will arrive and depart at staggered intervals throughout the day.
(Please note siblings will be allowed to be dropped off together)
• No assemblies will take place until further notice.
• All movement around and within the building is to happen with the expected 2 meters distance in place.
• Students are on campus only for the duration of the school day and at this moment in time there is no provision for early drop off or for After School.
• Upon entering school, students will use hand sanitizer before going to classrooms.
• Students will wash their hands every time they leave and enter the classroom.
• No parent entry into school.
• There will be no lunchtimes.
• All break times are staggered to reduce the number of children outside in the playground at any one time.
• Any children exhibiting any symptoms before school will be refused entry and any child developing symptoms at school will be sent home immediately.
• No traffic in the corridors with all transitions taking place when other classes are back in their classrooms.
• Cleaning at lunchtime and deep clean every day from 3-6pm which includes steaming door handles, toilets, bannisters and all tiled floors.
• A thorough desktop surface clean before departing for the playground with antiseptic spray and wipes (which will be provided for each class).
• The availability for teachers to wear face masks when within immediate proximity to the students (1-1 and incidents of First Aid).
• Should a member of any class test positive for the virus then the parents will be informed immediately and be asked to follow the required government guidelines accordingly.

Expectations of children:
• Children will be allowed in the building at the assigned staggered start times only.
• In order for these arrangements to work well, it is really important for children and parents to adhere to these times without fail.
• Children enter the building without parents.
• Children must sanitize their hands when entering the building.
• Children must adhere to the 2-meter rule when entering and exiting the building.
• Children will wash hands upon leaving and entering the classroom using the hand sanitizer available.
• Children will assemble outside as they would do normally before being called to the classroom. Social distancing rules will be observed at all times both inside and outside.
• To ensure they are fully prepared with everything they need to work as normal.

Expectations of parents:
• Parents will arrive at the assigned staggered start time and dismissal time – it is very important to keep to these times to encourage social distancing.
• Parents drop off their children outside of the building.
• Parents will pick up children at the times noted in the schedule.

• To ensure all resources sent home are returned to school, especially reading and textbooks.
• Not to send a child or children to school who are exhibiting any of the symptoms associated with COVID-19 and to ensure they follow the government guidelines relative to feeling unwell, self-isolation and testing.

What next?
• Please notify the school as soon as possible if you decide your child will not be returning to school on June 1st, please do this by email to so we have a record.
• As soon as we have an accurate number of class attendees, class teachers will assign children to either Group I or Group 2 (please note siblings will be in the same group) and also know for whom they are preparing the next home packs for.
• Froebel will text parents to remind them of start and pick up times closer to the start of term.

We are living in unprecedented times and I cannot emphasise enough that planning for the future in this current climate of uncertainty is extremely difficult. Things can change extremely quickly and as a consequence our best laid plans could be made redundant should the government decide to modify its current course of actions and intent. However, that does not mean we don’t plan for the future as in not doing so would be irresponsible.

I want to thank you all for your efforts to date and like everybody, look forward to getting back to a normality – whatever the new normal is going to look like.

Should you have any questions or concerns then please don’t hesitate to contact me at school either by email or telephone.

Yours Sincerely,

Mr Roberts