Guiding Statements

The guiding statements for Froebel House Preparatory School

Guiding Statements

Mission Statement:

Froebel House is a diverse, supportive and thriving preparatory school that inspires and challenges students to be compassionate, cooperative, committed and to thrive in a diverse and engaging community to which we all belong.

Vision Statement:

Froebel House students will develop and pursue their interests, celebrate their differences and contribute to a positive global future.

At Froebel House we believe:

· All Students have a right to learn and be at the forefront of all that we do.

· Froebel House benefits immeasurably from a diverse, kind, sharing and collective community.

· In being an independent, diverse and welcoming family school.

· In being unified and respectful in our diversity.

· In providing the very best education we possibly can for each and every student.