Read the prospectus for Froebel House Preparatory School

Froebel House is a small, friendly preparatory school in the Avenues area of Hull with an age range of 4-11 years.


The philosophy of Froebel House is to provide a firm foundation upon which all aspects of education will be built. It is our belief that education is a route to a spiritual, moral, social, cultural, physical and mental development and, thus, the well-being of the individual. We believe in equal opportunities for all the children in our school, irrespective of social background, culture, race, gender or ability. To ensure future progress and success, we aim to provide a curriculum that is broad and balanced and that provides a learning environment that is motivating and caring.


Froebel House has three main aims in the school curriculum:

  • To provide opportunities for all pupils to learn and to achieve.
  • To promote pupils’ spiritual, moral, social and cultural development and to prepare all pupils for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of life.
  • To enable all pupils to move on to their next educational stage with confidence.

These are based on an approach that stresses continuity, balance, recognition of the individual and the importance of skills, concepts, attitudes and values.

Subjects taught

English, Maths and Reading are taught in the morning and Science, History and Geography, Music, R.E., P.E. and Art are taught in the afternoon. In addition, years 4, 5 and 6 study French and I.T. with years 5 and 6 also studying Latin and Spanish. Optional extras include woodwind and brass instruments, pianoforte and violin. Children in reception and Years 1, 2 and 3 visit a nearby private exclusive pool for weekly swimming lessons. Years 4,5,6 attend Hymers College once a week for exclusive use of their pool.

PE is an integral part of the curriculum which includes the older students in Years 4 and above attending Haltemprice Sports Centre once a week for exclusive use of the huge indoor hall and the outside all weather sports pitches.

Years 3,4,5 and 6 attend the Robinwood Activity Centre for a weekend residential once a year, this is not mandatory but is always really well attended and encouraged.

Entrance Examinations

Children take entrance examinations to a variety of schools which includes Hymers College, Collegiate and Pocklington school. Froebel House enjoys good relations with each of the schools and has an outstanding record of success in helping students achieve the necessary skills and knowledge to gain entry to the schools. This year, 2018 we were extremely proud of the fact every one of our students that took an entrance exam passed it. Froebel had students joining Hymers, Collegiate and Pocklington. Please note some of our students were also awarded scholarships.

Behaviour Policy

Froebel House School does not tolerate unacceptable behaviour. If we experience problems with a child, a discussion with parents will be requested; if necessary, further discussions will follow; if this fails, a fixed term exclusion will take place of between one and five days. Finally, if all else fails permanent exclusion will take place.

As stated in the school’s Anti Bullying Policy, bullying will not be accepted under any circumstances. Any child who persistently bullies, despite help from parents and the school, will be permanently excluded. Parents are kept informed weekly of their child’s behaviour through the merit system.

All other policies are available for parents to view on request.

Policy for admissions


  • To give children and parents as much information as possible about Froebel House and the education we provide.
  • To make each child’s start happy and successful.
  • To begin a lasting partnership with parents.


Children are admitted to Froebel House School strictly on a first come, first served basis. There is no entrance examination.

If parents are interested in enrolling a child into the school they will be invited to look round and discuss the school with the Headteacher. An application form can then be submitted with a non-refundable deposit of £20.

Procedures — Early Years

At Froebel House, children start school in the September before their fifth birthday. However, if a child is four between September and December, they may be admitted into the Reception Class early. A small number of children may join in the Summer Term.

Parents may enter their child’s name for Froebel House at any time.

The places are allocated, based on the following priorities:

a brother or sister already attending Froebel House.

An open afternoon is held in the Summer Term for parents and children who are to begin full-time education the following September.

Times of opening

The school opens at 7.30 am and the day starts at 9.05am. Children are supervised during this time: we do not make a charge.

After School Care

After school facilities are available from the end of the school day until 5.45pm at a charge of £7 per evening. The Headteacher is available throughout this time to meet with parents throughout the week.


The site is located in a residential area on Marlborough Avenue. There are no car parking facilities.